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Benefits of Fiberglass Flagpoles

The benefits of fiberglass are numerous. Consider the following points:

  • Resistant to sun, moisture and corrosion, their finish will not discolor or darken like metal poles.
  • Maintenance free. Because the coloring pigment is part of the composite there is no need to repaint, ever!
  • Lightweight and much easier to install!
  • Exceptionally strong. Fiberglass flagpole shafts are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 190 MPH without a flag.
  • Quiet. Halyards won't "clang” like metal poles.
  • Safe. Fiberglass flagpoles don't conduct electricity and won't attract lightning.

Key Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Fiberglass Flagpole

When shopping for a flagpole it is important to keep in mind that not all fiberglass flagpoles are the same. There are three main characteristics that separate them: strength, look and finish durability.

Strength is an important factor for a fiberglass flagpole, especially if you forget to lower your flag or are unable to remove it. If you fly a relatively large flag, the tension applied to the top of your pole by the wind on the flag may be so great that the pole may break if it is a lower quality pole. So, refer to the manufacturer's ratings and compare the flagpole resistance levels—the wind speed a pole can handle. You'll find the wind speed resistance of our poles tops the charts. And, on a wind resistance to weight ratio, they far exceed any other flagpole. This is why our flagpoles come with an unmatched 20 year warranty.

Compare our strength:
Traditional Flagpoles | Banner-Arm Flagpoles

Let's be honest. Looks are important. After all, our first reaction to almost everything is to the way it looks. A flagpole too thin will look cheap; a flagpole too big will look bulky. Our flagpoles have been designed with an elegant, tapered look, while our composite structure provides a very high resistance level ensuring that the finished product is an attractive flagpole without sacrificing strength.

Finish durability
One of the top reasons to buy a fiberglass flagpole is the advantage of not ever having to paint it. But there is no way to know how long a pole's finish will last. They all look great at the store. For this reason, you must rely on the experience and the reputation of the manufacturer that supplied it. Our partner has been making flagpoles for 50 years and their poles have been installed in places as cold as Siberia and as hot as Saudi Arabia. And they still look good as new. Rest assured.

Simply put, our flagpoles look great and will stand the test of time, guaranteed.

The 20 Year Warranty

The following is a copy of Fiberglass Flagpole of America's Twenty Year Limited Warranty:

Seller warrants that its fiberglass flagpoles will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, proper installation and responsible care. Subject to the foregoing, Seller’s warranty for the shaft of the flagpole shall be in effect for a period of twenty years from date of first shipment to the original owner. This warranty covers flagpole breakage resulting from high wind within the wind resistance level indicated in Seller’s specifications. In all cases, flagpoles must only be used to show flags with a material weight of less than 0.66 ounce per square foot.

In case of a claim for flagpole breakage, Seller will have the incident analyzed by an outside expert. In case the expert’s report confirms the client’s claim, Seller will pay for the expertise; if it were not the case, the client will have to cover the expertise cost. Warranty on all accessories and parts (trucks, finials, ball bearings, halyards, cleats, banner-arms, hinge bases) is for one-year. Seller cannot be responsible for damages and/or accidents due to improper installation of the flagpoles.

ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED. Seller will, at its sole option, repair, replace or credit Buyer's account for any equipment or part which proves defective under its warranty provided that the Buyer notifies Seller in writing of such defect within the appropriate warranty period. This warranty does not include reimbursement for the expense of installation, removal of equipment, transportation or any other expenses that may be incurred.

Authorization must be obtained from Seller before any material is returned. In no event shall Seller be liable for prospective profits, or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of Buyer. In the event of a breach or repudiation by Seller hereunder, the aggregate amount of recovery, judgment, or award, which may be obtained by Buyer against Seller hereunder, shall not exceed the purchase price of the goods described on the face hereof. The right to recover the said purchase price of the goods shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer hereunder.